Module Statement

Declares the name of a module and introduces the definition of the variables, properties, events, and procedures that the module comprises.

A module is similar to a class but with some important distinctions. Every module has exactly one instance and does not need to be created or assigned to a variable. Modules do not support inheritance or implement interfaces.

You can use module only at namespace level. This means the declaration context for a module must be a source file or namespace, and cannot be a class, structure, module, interface, procedure, or block. You cannot nest a module within another module, or within any type.

Syntax :

[ <attributelist> ] [ accessmodifier ]  Module name
    [ statements ]
End Module

Example :

Public Module thisModule
    Sub Main()
        Dim userName As String = InputBox("What is your name?")
        MsgBox("User name is" & userName)
    End Sub
End Module

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