WhatsApp is another way of hacking : ADG PI Indian Army

If you use WhatsApp, then this is important news for you. Additional Directorate General of Public Information Indian Army has issued a video warning the Indian users. It has been said that Chinese hackers are hacking the WhatsApp account of Indian users. Chinese numbers starting from +86 grab into your groups and start extracting all … Continue reading WhatsApp is another way of hacking : ADG PI Indian Army



Apache MXNet is an open source Deep Learning Framework used to train and deploy deep Neural Networks. MXNet places a special emphasis on speeding up the development and deployment of large-scale deep Neural Networks. Written in : C++, Python, R, Julia, JavaScript, Scala, Go, Perl

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a way of making Computer System that understand, think, learn and behave like humans. Two ways that developers are actually getting machines to do that are Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In Machine Learning, learning algorithms build a model from data, which they can improve on as they are exposed to more … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence

Reliance Jio’s 4G feature phone

Reliance Jio phone will bring a new era of innovation for the feature phone market in the country. Mr Mukesh Ambani today announced the launch of 4G feature phone which is named as Jio Phone. The handset introduced as "India ka Smartphone". Ambani said, The new phone would give "affordable" device to the users and "end … Continue reading Reliance Jio’s 4G feature phone

Graphics Display Resolutions

It is the width-height dimensions of an electronic display device, in pixels. Electronic display device is used for presentation of text, images or videos. Example: TV, Computer monitor, Smartphone etc. Screen Resolution means the number of horizontal and vertical pixels on a display screen. A higher display resolution in a display of the same size means that … Continue reading Graphics Display Resolutions

Static Class, Static Class Member and Static Constructor

Static Class: The static modifier can be used with classes, fields, methods, properties, operators, events and constructors but it cannot be used with indexers, finalizers or types other than classes. A static class cannot be instantiated means you cannot use the new keyword to create a variable of the class type. Because there is no instance … Continue reading Static Class, Static Class Member and Static Constructor


Fuchsia is an open source Operating System currently being developed by Google.  It was first discovered as a mysterious code post on GitHub in August 2016, without any official announcement. A new microkernel named 'Magenta' is the core platform that powers the Fuchsia OS. The Magenta Kernel provides system calls to manage processes, threads, virtual memory, inter … Continue reading Fuchsia